Extraordinary Concrete Bathroom Ideas cool concrete bathrooms sa décor design Bathroom Concrete Ideas Extraordinary

Extraordinary Concrete Bathroom Ideas Cool Concrete Bathrooms Sa Décor Design Bathroom Concrete Ideas Extraordinary

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CUSTOMER'S WISHES - DO NOT DISTURB, AND HELP. A professional decorator considers working with a difficult customer not as bad luck, but as an opportunity to increase his own efficiency. A demanding customer who is difficult to please stimulates the search for innovative solutions.


BALANCE OF LIGHT AND SHADOW. In many ways, the appearance of a living room is determined by how balanced light and shadow are in it. Therefore, proper illumination is very important. For example, for the convenience of staying in residential lighting, a multi-level layout of lighting fixtures is mandatory. Lighting also affects the perception of colors.

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LITERATURE CHOICE OF LUMINAIRES TO THE KITCHEN OR LIVING ROOM. The kitchen or living room is not only the usual parts of the living space, but also the premises where friendly or family gatherings take place. Therefore, competent lighting is especially important here. Do not hang the lights too low, otherwise they make a depressing impression. The optimal distance from the chandelier to the countertop is about 80-90 cm with a standard ceiling height. It is also better to opt for fixtures whose width is from a third to half the width of the countertop.